According to blog poster claim, Jindal said that the marchers yesterday in Jena, LA were “outside agitators”

Perusing the local blogosphere this morning, I found a comment on Your Right Hand Thief. This post comes from a person in northern Louisiana who claims that Bobby Jindal made this comment while in Shreveport yesterday campaigning.

” Never have commented here before, I’m a Shreveporter who reads your blog avidly. Jindal was in Shreveport yesterday, and in a comment broadcast by the local CBS affiliate, he said that the Louisiana court system works great, and that we don’t need “outside agitators” to come here. Yes, he really used the term “outside agitators”. I can’t seem to find any video of that brief interview, but I’d love to see some bloggers get all over that.

N. La. Lady”

Can you believe Bobby Jindal’s public disdain for a person’s right to assemble which is included in the United States Constitution? I suppose Bobby, with his nauseating quest for the DC White House, has grand ideas to bury all these civil rights of Americans and Louisianians into the ground.

Followup corroboration on October 6 – Tannie Lewis Bradley wrote in the Shreveport Times that Jindal said “We certainly don’t need outside agitators”


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  1. Are you sure it happened?

  2. no, just relaying what a lady in North LA claims Jindal said – like another blogger said, the video would be priceless – revised until more comes out

  3. Lets see how credible is this commenter?

    She has never commented on YRHT before and doesn’t leave any link to anything else to either verify her statement or her credibility or even her gender.

    Do you think there’s a possibility that this is a crank or a dirty trick?

    I think if Jindal actually said it it would be devastating to his campaign and credibility. It would be national news. I also think he’s smarter than that.

  4. you are absolutely right

    I think though that Jindal is capable of making a comment like that – republicans do lean towards suppression of opposition and gutting civil rights all in the name of homeland security – exhibit one being Bush

  5. I wasn’t suspicious of the comment’s legitimacy until I reread it and saw the “I’d love to see some bloggers get all over that” sentence. Now, I’m semi-suspicious, and agree with mominem that there’s a “possibility” that it’s a dirty trick.

    I’m trying to verify it. Jindal’s definitely careful, but if he was referring to Jackson and Sharpton he might’ve thought he was on safe ground to say that. However, once quoted out of context “outside agitators” will sound a helluva lot worse.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if he said something like that at all. Because of his own ethnic heritage, he may already be concerned about whites that defect to the democrats, and he’d certainly have a lot more of that on his hands if he came out in support of the rally or was anything other than supportive of the town and its officials.

    Piling on Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton is easy money for Republican candidates in Louisiana and all over the country. Most Americans don’t like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Remember the Left’s applause for McCain’s “agents of intolerance” speech?

    “Neither party should be defined by pandering to the outer reaches of American politics and the agents of intolerance, whether they be Louis Farrakhan or Al Sharpton on the left, or Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the right.”

    Given the constituency he’s trying to reach anyway, would an out-of-context “outside agitators” comment just help him anyway?

  7. “Given the constituency he’s trying to reach anyway, would an out-of-context “outside agitators” comment just help him anyway?”

    In Bubba-land? Yep.

    However, I am like Oyster, a bit suspicious of the commenter. I googled and searched for quite a while this evening and couldn’t find any reference to the alledged comment.

  8. hmm. sounds made up then. if google can’t find it, nobody can

  9. […] WDSU stated that Stacey Head was blatantly taunting the protestors, calling them outside agitators (a la PBJ) and blowing them kisses, accusing her of racism against the poor that are trying to gain access to […]

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