just say NO to Jindal

So last night I went to dinner with a bunch of old girlfriends. We try and get together every few months to dine, drink, gossip and comment on the current state of events in each others lives. Well a couple of them started talking about some hot state representative races in district 79, critiquing Jack Rizzuto, George Branigan, Tony Ligi and a few other candidates. It was fun to dish on the John Young-Julie Quinn-Mary Lou McCall-John Young the younger debacle shaping up and another woman at the table was lending some first hand insight into that sham. If anything the conversation belies the fact that local politics are probably only one degree of separation as opposed to six, and a loose tongue can topple the apple cart.

So invariably, I used the political convo to get on my soapbox to rant about how bad Jindal will be for this state if he is elected. One of the women at the table chimed in saying she agreed stating how much of a snip Jindal is. She went off “I don’t like Jindal, I just don’t like the man” and on and one and on. She told us who she was supporting, and that led off into another tangent of debate, but I refocused on the issue at hand, and that is JUST SAY NO TO JINDAL!!! I went on about Jindal stripping us of our civil rights, Jindal only supporting business interests and not the average Louisiana citizen, his silence on the state of all things New Orleans, and his police state mentality, and I think I possibly put an alternative choice in a couple of my friends’ heads.

Well apparantly, my voice elevated during the discourse and before I knew it, my rants were heard at the other tables in the restaurant cause several eyes were cast my way. Guess that is what happens when one gets a Jack and water plus a few glasses of pinot noir under their belt hehehe!!! But my commentary caught attention and if someone publicly voicing an objection to Jindal leads at least one person to NOT vote for him, then that will be a victory for Louisianians.

Those of us that refuse to drink the Jindal Kool-Aid and who are opposed to his election MUST get out there and stir up dialogue as to why Jindal MUST NOT win this governor’s election.


~ by maringouin on Saturday, September 15, 2007.

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  1. Keep up the good work! I always make it a point to talk to my friends about Jindal in public situations where others might be able to listen to what im saying.

  2. thank you (((takes bow)))

    you too!!!

  3. You hate Bobby but you love Jack–hmmm. I think we are more alike than we first thought!



  4. Jack is my MAIN man – if you ever get the chance to visit his home in Lynchburg, Tennessee take advantage of it – the smell of Jack is everywhere in the air 😀

    (((clink))) with a glass of Jack and rocks

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