So C’s rebuilding efforts have turned into a “well this electrician showed up at my door today”, or “there’s this plumber down the street that might be able to fit me in” kinda dealio. Since M the contractor abandoned the rest of his job over a month ago, C has been the recipient of transient builders doing the work. C’s place is small, so I suppose these construction workers feel they can squeeze in a small job and make some quick cash. There is B, a young man from the Atlanta area who came over during lunch a couple of weeks ago to finish nailing the trusses. And M, from Cali, who hung the plywood subroof and royally fucked everything up. Then L from Alabama, came by, patched the plywood and put on a good roof. So finally the shell is up and there is no more threat of rain ruin to the interior. I told C that this is probably the cheaper way to go, hiring the subcontractors himself, saving the 20% contractor markup, and avoid the notorious contractor delays.

This week L came back and helped put the fascia and eaves up, and also helped C get the walls hung. I found a local electrician who thankfully knew what he was doing AND was licensed in Orleans Parish (PURE GOLD!!!) and his crew slapped the pole and wiring and boxes inside the studs in half a day. C and I did some more work this weekend, and I hope cool weather comes soon so I can start painting, which is something I can do well to help out. God did not make me a carpenter.

So this afternoon, B comes back and was talking to us about some more carpentry. B told me he was in college back in Georgia, but he decided to stay in New Orleans cause the money was so good. I asked him how much he was making, and he said in ONE MONTH he made $15,497!!! I almost fell off the half-built porch. I agreed with him, why go back to school if you can make that kind of cash in 30 days. But then again, if construction workers/subcontractors are making THAT much money, isn’t that a bit unethical, not to mention greedy? No wonder the cost of construction in post-storm New Orleans have tripled. And New Orleanians are the ones suffering.


~ by maringouin on Sunday, September 9, 2007.

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