Jindal makes me wanna hurl

So I run into Dorignac’s this morning to get some egg salad and hot curry paste, and I see the weekly Gambit is out already. As soon as I walked up to the front entrance area where they stock the weekly, I saw an image that immediately made me gag – Bobby Jindal’s mug in full face, lit up angelic display on the front cover titled “Geek Appeal”. I grabbed one delicately and proceeded to get my two items.

So I went to the 5 items or less lane at the far left and there was a young kid at the cashier, and a JPSO deputy leaning at the end of the grocery trap, or whatever that thing is called that the cashier tosses the groceries towards until they get bagged. So I feeling all chatty hold up the Gambit and told the young cashier, “See this man? Makes me quite unnerved that this man might be our next governor.” The kid was speechless. In front of me was a black man who heard my disdain towards Piyush, and he laughed, “yeah it makes me sick too, he’ll probably get it”. I then said “well you know politics in Louisiana, it doesn’t matter till the last vote is cast” and he wholeheartedly agreed, laughed and walked away.

So back to the cashier. I kept at him saying how Jindal is too ultra conservative and how we’ll probably lose all our civil rights and then I wanted to say Louisiana would turn into a police state, but that JPSO deputy was burning holes in my head already and I didn’t want to risk getting cuffed so I blathered on something about this state turning into a place for the wealthy and not the poor and middle class. The poor cashier stammered and looked at me with a questioning look. To think its people like that who might just put Piyush into the Governor’s Mansion come November – ick…

Last week at RT2, fellow bloggers were asking, how can we impact change? In addition to blogging, we also need to get out and engage strangers on the street to inform them of all the options out there for this governor’s election. And no, I don’t mean C. (Chocolate) Ray either. Whomever is against Jindal getting into the Baton Rouge White House really needs to put it out there that Jindal is Bad for Louisiana and try to help people understand that there are other bandwagons to ride other than the Jindal “pick your bumpersticker color and team” train. Who the heck does Jindal think he is, declining major debates dancing around specifics on his platform? That should throw up a huge red flag right there, that he’s too much of a coward to get up there and rock his own vote.

There is not much time left to deter voters away from that man – qualifying is Tuesday and the primary election is 5 weeks later.


~ by maringouin on Sunday, September 2, 2007.

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  1. Great post and thanks for linking to the Jindal Is Bad site. I agree, more people need to know about why Bobby Jindal is bad for Louisiana. We currently have Jindal Is Bad t-shirts as well, including one that points out his lack of a spine. So please, come check them out and spread the word about why as a choice for Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal is Bad.

  2. He’s one scary dude. The state employees are all for him. I tell them, “Half of you are going to lose your jobs if he’s elected and starts cutting.”

    He’s afraid to debate. Someone might ask hard questions or embarrassing questions.

  3. Hee! Need to pass that link on to Jeffrey at the library, if he hasn’t found it already…

  4. I shudder to think what will happen in the next 4 years if that man is elected. Think this state is in bad shape now, it will hit bottom if he gets in. The scary thing is the populace “lambs to the slaughter” who are going to vote for him without questioning his record, without questioning his gubernatorial platform, and the lack of insight these lambs have on the potential drain to their wallets if he gets in. Demo taxes versus repub job loss, there isn’t a difference Grandmere Mimi.

    Sad thing too, if the country puts a Democrat in DC next year, it will be Blanco ineffectiveness revisited.

    A new Louisiana my azzz….

  5. The thing I don’t understand is how driving a Taurus makes one “geeky.” It’s a run-of-the-mill car. It was even the most popuklar domestic model on a few occasions.

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