FOUR months to cash a check

C gets a certified letter yesterday, stating that his check for his building permit bounced. He assumed that the check was cashed back in April, and a month later he closed the account to open a new one cause there was a compromise in the account.

Well yesterday he got this certified letter that City Hall tried to cash the permit check this past week, FOUR MONTHS LATER, and they were kind enough to tack on a $30 NSF fee. If they would have cashed the check back in April none of this would be a problem. No doubt there was a problem on C’s end, but good lawd, what in the hell are they doing down there on Perdido Street? Holding a check for FOUR FUCKING MONTHS is inexcusable…

Now the fun part starts – C’s soliciting electricians to bid the wiring, I can’t wait for the shits and giggles to begin with City Hall and Entergy and that inspection process


~ by maringouin on Thursday, August 30, 2007.

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