Marxists and Communists

Went to Rising Tide 2 today. The organizers of the conference and all in attendance were very open and welcoming, it was a good feeling to attend an event and not have to worry about acceptance. The discussions were profound and struck a nerve, over and over again. One thing I did leave with was a hope for New Orleans, at least for the near future.

The conference happenings are still jelling in my brain and I have to stir the pot for awhile longer before making any comment. However the one thing that stuck with me was in addition to the activist underpinnings of the “paid” attendees, there was a Marxist present that rambled on about alarmist blogger documentary of New Orleans crime, the vacant housing that must be opened, and he kept on until he wound up by prattling on about the already 600,000 dead in Iraq. Talk about a turn in subject matter! One of the women at my table (without revealing her identity) chuckled at the Marxist saying she remembered him attending a New Orleans City Council meeting and that he wound up getting tossed when he started ranting out of control.

Then a short time later two more men worked the crowd during a break handing out Communist propaganda, a newsprint circular with the title something along the lines of what has happened two years later post Katrina? with a big ole sickle on the left column emblazoned with communist rhetoric. I want to take some time and flip through this just for shits and giggles.

To me, these opportunists, the Marxist and the Communists are no better than the politicians that are capitalizing on a serious situation. I can guarantee you they probably came to New Orleans from gawd knows where to spread their campaign in the midst of local folks trying to effect change, only to promote their message with disregard of the state of all New Orleanians. It would be funny to see these extremists trying to sell their message down in Plaquemine parish, or in Erath or Abbeville. I wouldn’t be surprised if they snagged one of the extra plates of fried chicken and red beans from Dunbar’s. Buncha opportunists…


~ by maringouin on Saturday, August 25, 2007.

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  1. Of course they snagged some food. Everything’s free if you’re a communist.

  2. The commie-rag was published in Chicago…I think that speaks for itself.

  3. Chicago indeed, and parts up north, with the only southern location having an office found in Georgia. After further inspection, there wasn’t a sickle on the paper, but instead a curvy “R” made to look like one

    The Marxist, Jay I believe someone called him, had a Marxist commemoration shirt with three raised fists in the air – hmmm, I wonder if the Rising Tide posters attracted them?

    I threw that paper away as soon as I could…

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