state of emergency

Governor Blanco declared yesterday a state of emergency for Louisiana. Hurricane Dean is about 5-6 days away from a possible US landfall, and its projected to hit the Yucatan peninsula first, but the declaration has been made.

So the models put Dean hitting anywhere from the Mexican coastline to western Louisiana. The GFDL model according to the NWS meteorologists has historically been the most accurate, and it puts Dean at a landfall eerily similar to where Rita hit in 2005 – western coast of Louisiana. Not sure if this .gif will work, but here’s their model. And here is the composite models of all the storm tracks.

I can’t stand watching those stupid Weather Channel idiots jumping across the screen, so I rely on this website, as well as WWL-TV meteorologists to get storm information. Crown Weather Service also has objective information. People need cool heads during this time of year, and The Weather Channel does NOT deliver, only sensationalizes and alarms, so I avoid it like the plague. Dumbasses…

Needless to say I think I am ready. I have arranged lodging for the elders in my family. Although C is flailing around somewhere in the midwest right now, he is headed back here tomorrow and should be home sometime Monday night. I am pretty much prepared, I got all the usual hurricane supplies back in early July, with the exception of a generator to keep from losing all the stuff in the fridge. Time to summon the nerves of steel and pray to heaven above that this thing passes New Orleans by…

UPDATE – 2pm today’s NWS update modifies the GFDL track and has the storm going further south to Texas and Mexico, and further away from Louisiana – but keep on it cause landfall is a looooooong way away.


~ by maringouin on Saturday, August 18, 2007.

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