Katrina GO Zone money going to Tuscaloosa Alabama to build condos near the U of A football stadium

In the Times Picayune, there were two articles on GO Zone incentive monies today.

One article listed how Tuscaloosa, Alabama developers were using the GO Zone money to build million dollar condominiums near U of A’s football stadium.

The second article wrote that Ed Blakely, the recovery czar for New Orleans believes that the city is getting shorted on GO Zone monies.

A friend and I were debating the Tuscaloosa, Alabama GO Zone usage. Tuscaloosa is about 250 miles from the Gulf of Mexico yet the county of Tuscaloosa was declared a federal disaster after Katrina. Now the hurricane wind fields did extend up into Alabama as seen in this picture. However the documented maximum winds according to this map from Ole Miss in and around Tuscaloosa were approximately 50 mph. Now you tell me, does this warrant developers perceived blatant entitlement to GO Zone monies to build condo’s around Bryant-Denny football stadium? This is a typical wealthy college town spooning from the trough of free federal monies and tax breaks, using this for pleasure, while there are hundreds of thousands of homes, plus many commercial areas in the New Orleans area desperate for funding to just piece basic human services back together.

Then to add insult to injury, I found this

Loophole exploitation? Pork-barrel economics? Benefiting from the hardships of others? I fucking think not. Bama fans NEED these condos if they want to survive the Category 5 storm that is the SEC schedule. Have you ever tried to prepare the spread for your tailgate on a mere formica countertop? Of course you have… if you’re one of those barbarians from Auburn.

Now that is seriously fuckered up

Whoever is approving these GO Zone projects in Tuscaloosa will have to answer to a higher consciousness – shame on them when so many people are still suffering and homeless in Louisiana .


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