Wall Street Journal front page article on City of New Orleans residential demolitions

Story of the day around the New Orleans Blogosphere – b.rox’s blog which I check on a daily basis posted the story here. Dangerblond’s blog has the story since the WSJ only gives a free preview, not the whole article.

Karen Gadbois and her contributors are tirelessly documenting the historical destruction of New Orleans’ architecture on her blog, Squandered Heritage. The blog information is quite extensive: they pour over the Times Picayune’s real estate listings and then they roam around town taking pictures of the homes. Plenty of the homes appear structurally sound and could be salvaged. They review permits and attend City Hall meetings that determine the outcomes of these homes.

It is appalling how bureaucrats at New Orleans City Hall don’t give a shit about preserving the architectural heritage of the city, not to mention that they aren’t doing anything to quickly help citizens rehab their homes so they can become habitable again. I have no doubt that these lazy bureaucrats are passing demolition judgments from their air-conditioned City Hall desks; there is no reason for them to traipse around in 95 degree August heat and actually physically inspect these homes – a swift signature of the pen and Voila! another home hits the ground, irregardless of the fate of the life/lives that inhabits the domicile in question. Its a travesty what these apathetic people are allowing to happen in this city. And the helmsman Nagin should be ashamed of himself…


~ by maringouin on Thursday, August 9, 2007.

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