Mrs. David Vitter

So Mrs. David Vitter, nee Wendy Baldwin, commands a front page story this morning on the Sunday Times Picayune. In her public commentary last week however, when her husband regurgitated his “sorry for the sin and apology to God and wife” speech, Wendy got up in front of the cameras and practically demanded that the media leave her family alone.

So imagine waking up and seeing her mug plastered all over the front page this morning, and her exhaustive family biography. Made me want to hurl. Hey she’s from a formerly rich family, hey her mom passed away when she was a child, hey she worked as a lawyer in the district attorney’s office, blah, blah, blah. This article does NOT spell low profile. After reading this repulsive article, her desire to avoid attention from the media, the media that parked out in front of her home, in front of her church was a totally hypocritical demand last week, just like her husband’s hypocritical mockery of the GOP family values mantra and the Louisiana citizens he represents.

However, this issue bespeaks of a larger, more disconcerting problem. Does the GOP rhetoric of “for the good of family values” mean that no matter what someone does, they are forgiven for the greater good, the greater good in this instance of “alleged” public service? What about all those folks that have zero tolerance for philandering in the first place, and who would never think of exploiting their wedding vows pledging to forsake all others? Have those folks who are monogamous gotten it all wrong? Has this discarding of self respect been replaced with the convoluted conservative “what’s in it for me in the end” forgive and forget mentality?

Somehow, after reading all this about Wendy Vitter, I simply cannot imagine her being the kind of woman who can swallow her pride and dignity and keep that sham of a marriage together.

~ by maringouin on Sunday, July 22, 2007.

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