Senator David Vitter part 3

Skewed voting results – yes that’s correct, WWL-TV’s online survey voting software is messed up. So I have spent very long periods of time over the past 2 days, voting NO repeatedly to the question “Did you feel that Senator Vitter was sincere in his apology?”

In watching the surveys on, and WWL, all of those results are against Vitter’s stance of no questions asked and did he do wrong. But apparantly there are conservative “forgive and forget” types that have also discovered WWL-TV’s flawed survey. Unfortunately I have succumbed to righting that wrong. I need to step away from the computer.

One of my co-workers said to me, who are you to judge? Forgiveness is key. Perhaps, but I just cannot seem to find it in me to absolve Vitter. I am so fucking mad that he just blew off his constituents and went back to Washington to hide last night, and didn’t even have the courtesy to answer questions. Then he had the balls to DENY all the New Orleans brother allegations, when there are alleged photographs floating around with NOLA prostitute Wendy Cortez’s hand on his package. No, these links are not of those photographs, but lardy help him if they show up cause they will be plastered everywhere.

And as far as his wife, what kind of self-respecting woman is she? I would have kicked his ass to the curb YEARS ago after finding this out, yet she went on TV yesterday and professed her loyalty to her slimy husband. She is humiliating herself and every other woman out there, displaying for all the world to see that yes its OK to cheat, its OK to solicit prostitutes, its OK to betray wedding vows, its OK to betray God, giving a free pass to every philandering husband out there. Well hey look at me, all I have to do is beg forgiveness, seem somewhat sincere and my little woman will gaze at me with love and respect and stand by my side no matter what. Makes me want to hurl…

And what about God? Does Senator Vitter have a direct pipe to the Almighty? I would love to hear the transcript of THAT conversation. Power of confession? Yeah spill it and all is well with the world. That might be fine and dandy for an individual nobody sinner, but NOT for someone that has chosen public service – public service baloney Vitter, all you are doing is self-serving.

Every person out there that supports Vitter is a plain fool idiot – just look at some of the tools blindly throwing their loyalty behind Vitter right here and here because he is a God-fearing Republican – gawddamnit you selfish man Vitter, show the people of south Louisiana and your family and your wife some RESPECT and RESIGN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, July 17, 2007.

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