10 minutes

Well its been raining lots over the last several days – C is all in the mullygrubs, but I love the rain it cools everything off – we even managed to BBQ yesterday on the 4th between showers

So last night I cajoled C into getting dressed and heading down to Spanish Plaza for the free music and fireworks – we caught the Molly Ringwalds, which was fun listening to all those 80’s tunes. But as I scanned the crowd, all I saw were the pained faces of New Orleanians, trying to relax yet inadequately covering up the sorrow underneath. We citizens are still quite an unhappy, depressed bunch.

To top it off, the dueling barges of fireworks went off and were over in 10 minutes. Seems like a paltry amount of time for all that expense of hauling the barges out to the middle of the river via tugboat. I think we would have fared better if we would have gone down to St. Bernard or over to Harvey to watch Boomtown Casino’s display – Boomtown started at 8:15 and still were going strong at 9 o’clock

Happy belated 4th~!~!~!


~ by maringouin on Thursday, July 5, 2007.

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