last supper

We went to one of the taco trucks on Saturday for dinner – El Sabrosito, which is parked on Veterans right next to the Lowe’s on Edenborn. We have gone there several times and the food is always hot and fresh and reasonably priced. This taqueria has an incredibly hot and flavorful green pepper sauce and I kept dipping my quesadillas into it, choking with every bite. C thought I was crazy, but there is something about the intense pepper heat that I totally dig.

Saturday was the last day for the taquerias on wheels to get out of Jefferson Parish. I asked the vendors if they knew where this particular truck would go and they shrugged and gave me one of the business cards. I’ll miss this truck – it is dedicated to Ashley, a little girl who is probably the owner’s daughter or granddaughter. Every time we’d pass the truck, I start giggling, there’s Ashlita, Ashley’s sabrosita – finding out recently that sabrosita means delicious

Vaya con dios


~ by maringouin on Sunday, July 1, 2007.

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