Construction shakedown

So I get a call from C a little while ago. He got his LRA money back in April and has been patiently waiting for 2 months for the contractor to begin work. The work started last week, the foundation was poured and the floor and framing has begun.

Well today a policeman pulls up to C’s home and rudely yells into C’s property “Get M out here now!!!” So M the contractor walks out to the street and was verbally assaulted by the policeman, getting interrogated and intimidated as to why in the hell hasn’t he started work on his house, and demanding that M go to his house immediately and start the job. I couldn’t believe this happened.

Then I got to thinking, how in the hell did this policeman know where M the contractor was working? Come to find out the cement truck man that poured the concrete last week is the policeman’s brother-in-law, and he disclosed C’s address where M was working to the policeman. Is that messed up or what?


~ by maringouin on Friday, June 22, 2007.

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