Banishing the taco trucks

Louis Congemi, the Kenner representative on the Jefferson Parish Council was aesthetically offended by the taco truck parked at the corner of David Dr. and Veterans Blvd. Nevermind the fact that the taco truck was parked in an abandoned gas station parking lot, that has been dormant for YEARS. So he speaks out at the Jefferson Parish council meeting yesterday asking for a banning on all the taco trucks parked around the parish. Of course the council unanimously approved the ban.

So where exactly are the workers from out of town going to eat? Its not like there is a plethora of Latin taquerias that serve quick, fast and inexpensive food. Who the heck wants to eat that crap at Taco Bell? Is there perhaps an underlying current of “get rid of the taco trucks, get rid of the migrant workers” mentality? Or boot the migrant workers cause we’re all rebuilt in Jefferson Parish, and screw the laborers looking for paid work in Orleans Parish? Judging from the comments on the Times Picayune blog, as well as the letters to the editor here and here about this issue, most citizens are in favor of the mobile taquerias. Why not inspect them and give them official approval to operate? And this issue of permanent bathrooms on the “premesis” is just absurd. Is the JP council going to ban the hot dog trucks, sandwich trucks, and ice cream trucks now? Aren’t there bigger fish to fry in JP other than messing with a basic human need of sustenance?


~ by maringouin on Thursday, June 21, 2007.

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