More on Jindal

from the Times Picayune this morning

“Democrats say it’s a way of throwing back the curtain on what they say is a ‘manufactured candidate’ who has carefully crafted a public image that doesn’t measure up to reality.”

amen to that – its not about race, its about ineffectiveness in office!!!

~ by maringouin on Monday, May 28, 2007.

One Response to “More on Jindal”

  1. He is the one who has attempted to create this image of good ole’ Bobby from down the bayou. It is all part of the slick political packaging that he is wrapped in. Just another ‘reformer’ in a long line of ‘reformers’. The only difference is that Huey P Long and Edwin Edwards actually reformed some things. It remains to be seen if Piyush, sorry, I mean Bobby can do the same.

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