Going up in flames

Today, C and I went to the Bayou Boogaloo festival in Mid City. As we were walking around the Mid City Art Market section of the festival, I ran into a woman who I had met at one of the Mid City neighborhood meetings. She remembered me after I recollected that we both shared the same name and told her that C and I had been going to some of the Zion City neighborhood planning meetings.

So we started to chat a bit and share some information about what was going on in our respective neighborhoods. She told us about the Falstaff Brewery residential development, and I shared with her the planned construction of another Bridge House building in Zion City on S. Dupre and Earhart Blvd. But the most interesting thing she shared was the recent spate of fires, residences and businesses going up in flames in the same area where LSU and the VA hospital are planning on building a new medical complex in downtown New Orleans. Funding from the state is being assembled, and it appears that the VA hospital should return to downtoan New Orleans.

So what’s up with all the homes and businesses going up in flames in the area slated to rebuild? She told me that even the old Rosenberg Furniture warhouse went up in flames. Arson anyone?????


~ by maringouin on Saturday, May 26, 2007.

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  1. Jared Zeller of the Mothership Foundation
    and his group of approximately 25 dedicated
    volunteers orchestrated the second annual
    Bayou Boogaloo.

    Conservative estimates put the attendance
    over 10,000. Even the staunchest curmudgeon
    would use the term “wildly successful” when
    referring to this year’s Bayou Boogaloo.

    The film below is formatted so both users
    of MACs and PCs can view it. Check it out:

    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out
    to attend this year’s Bayou Boogaloo. The
    proceeds go to help rebuild Comiskey Park.

    Look for some progress there soon!

    Charlie London

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