New Orleans Police Department checkpoints

Well be aware denizens of fair New Orleans, the po-lice are out to get ya, be wary of the random checkpoints out there

This afternoon I went to pickup C to bring him to get his truck that was at the mechanics, and he calls me – “Guess what? There are 8 cop cars outside my house and they are setting up a checkpoint” I said WHAT????? I picked his brain about it more and he told me they were setting up to perform random seaches on passing cars. He lives on a busy thoroughfare and told me how drivers were pissed making U-turns and such to avoid the trap.

Well I flipped. I am very much in compliance with everything legal and binding with my vehicle, however my windshield has a huge crack in it. Being broke, getting a new windshield just hasn’t been a priority for me. I would not have known this was a big deal until a few weeks ago I read in the Times Picayune a letter to the editor from a citizen complaining how he received a pricey ticket for a cracked windshield at a NOPD checkpoint.

And you know what, fuck that – if that is the best the NOPD can do is set up checkpoints to harass citizens over minor shit then that is pretty pathetic. Why in the hell aren’t those 8 prowlers crawling around the hot spots in the city, Josephine street in Center City comes immediately to mind, busting heads and flushing out crime? No, they are out there, trapping folks on minor shit and milking fines from them. Isn’t it hard enough being in the city without this added harassment????? I told C to walk out 6 blocks to near Xavier so I could pick him up far away from the checkpoint.

Plus, I thought law enforcement had to announce road blocks and checkpoints like they do for DWI checkpoints? Why isn’t anyone making these checkpoints public notice?


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, April 24, 2007.

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