seafood gumbo

I haven’t been online much lately, trying to destress and rest my eyes from writing thesis, so here’s a gumbo recipe to peruse

Seafood gumbo

1-2 pounds fresh or frozen okra, cubed
1 pounds shrimp
1 pound fish
1/2 pound scallops
1/2 pound lump crabmeat
1/2 pound cubed ham
1/2 pound spiced sausage (Andouille sausage if you can get it)
1/2 pound bacon
1 large can crushed tomatoes (or 4 fresh chopped tomatoes)
1 onion chopped
1 bell pepper chopped
3 stalks celery chopped
8 toes garlic chopped
1/4 lemon sliced very thin
1/2 bunch fresh parsley
1 bunch green onions – chopped, use white bottoms in gumbo and save
chopped tops as a garnish when gumbo is done
1/2 cup flour
salt, pepper, hot sauce

Place okra in a pyrex dish, single layer, and bake for 1 hour (or a little longer) at 350 degrees until all the slime is cooked off.

Peel shrimp and save backbones from fish if you have fresh fish. Boil shrimp and fish bones heads in about a gallon and a half of water for 2-3 hours with salt and pepper until stock is ready. Strain and set aside to cool. If you don’t have time for this, you can purchase 4 bottles of clam juice at the store and use that instead

Fry off bacon and save drippings. Add butter so drippings and butter cover the bottom of the pan about 1/8 an inch. When hot, add flour and stir over medium high heat until flour is browned to a caramel color. Add chopped onions, celery, garlic and bell pepper to stop the flour and oil from burning. Simmer 15 minutes low-medium heat until vegetables are translucent. Add tomatoes, okra, spices, hot sauce, stock, parsley, lemon, bacon, sausage and ham, bring to a boil then lower heat and simmer about an hour. Add more water as the dish cooks if needed. After gumbo is thickening, add the fish, scallops and crab meat and simmer another 15 minutes. Add shrimp the last 10 minutes, then remove from heat. Serve over cooked rice, and with french bread, and garnish each bowl with chopped green onion tops. Serves about 8-10. Can double recipe and cook in a large stock pot for big gathering. Can alter the seafood ingredients to accommodate what is available – can use oysters, alaskan crab, different types of fish, mussels. etc.

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