Chickens part 2

So last weekend, C found someone that would take the roosters. Thank goodness cause they were up crowing their heads off at 0445 every morning. Well since thedeparture of the roosters the hens are becoming more unruly. They were emboldened to approach the front door of the coop, and they obviously revolted against having their “cocks” taken away so for the past 8 days they have not given C a single egg.

Well Friday, he was home after a botched job at work the night before (another story, one of near-death that was premonitioned about earlier in a dream), so he took the initiative to let the hens out the coop to inspect their environs. He was home alone and they did good and the five of them went back to the coop when the sun went down.

So today, I went to C’s to say hi to the ladies. I like yakking with them, cooing to them, C thinks I’m nuts but he understands the female need to connect. He decides to let them out. Well we weren’t going to stick around all afternoon so they could have a leisurely stroll, so we tried to herd them back into the coop. C brings out the fish net and starts to run after them, and they were having no part of it. Two of them flew over the neighbors fence and one went under what was left of C’s floorboards and joists. He managed to get two of them into the coop. We left and he said maybe they would return later in the afternoon. Sure enough 4 of the 5 hens came back, but one of the schizoid white ones was missing. I reassured C that the final hen would come back, maybe she took off cause she was in the middle of molting. We’ll find out tomorrow, or the next day, or maybe the next if she shows up. Maybe the food will bring her back. Unless she becomes someone’s food…

At least one of them finally laid C an egg today 🙂

UPDATE – the final hen showed back up a couple days later, she was in full molt mode and all the ladies are back nesting and making eggs again


~ by maringouin on Sunday, January 28, 2007.

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