So I get off work early and head over to C’s, and when I get there he shows me something on the back of his property, and lo and behold he came home from work today with SEVEN CHICKENS!!! I was floored. I asked him where did he get them from, and he told me that he did a job out in St. Tammany parish today and started chatting up the client he was doing work for. Turns out the client is an octogenarian and has cancer. C saw the chickens and commented on them, and the client offers them to him. But the catch was he had to take them all, not just one or two. So C agrees, rounds up one of the guys he works with and loads them squawking in a cardboard box.

Let me preface this by another vignette. Prior to Katrina, in the backyard of the person living behind C was a coop with several hens and a rooster. That rooster was a freak cause he would crow at 4pm in the evening, 3am in the morning and whenever the mood struck him. Well after Katrina assisted by the ACoE poured 6 feet of water into C’s neighborhood, all that was left were 2 scrawny black hens. C moved back to his land into his trailer, and by the winter of 2005 all that was left was one hen. Chicky is a survivor and has been hanging around C’s lot post-K and C and I have been feeding her and allowing her to free range his land. She flies up into the tree at night and has the run of the property…

…until today. She was commenting continuously with the new brood on “her” property, and was hitting beaks with the 2 roosters through the chicken wire. Might I add, C acquired 2 white hens (sitting ducks rather), 3 black and tan hens, and 2 cocks. All scrawny, they ate voraciously when I got to feeding them. He has them in a 3′ x 4′ x 6′ pen, and there is a stack of wood in the back of the pen. When we got back from Parkway Tavern after dark and checked on them, they were all silent and roosting on the top of the wood pile. But lawd knows how they will do in there, it seems to be quite close quarters and once we start feeding them and they begin getting fat, the roosters will have to be cut loose to free range. The resident neighborhood hawk will have a field day since he already took a chunk out of the Chicky the black chicken-7 more will be a picnic.

All this about a mile from the Superdome. C told the neighbor that he now has a passel of fowl, but there isn’t anyone else hardly living on the entire block, with the exception of 3 trailers out back. Me I can’t wait for the fresh eggs…


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, January 10, 2007.

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