The jack of all trades

and the master of none

Not one day after winning his seat for the US House of Representatives, Bobby Jindal announces he is seriously considering a run for the Louisiana governor’s mansion in 2007. So Bobby, what is your deal dude? Is this your specialty flitting around from office to office, and when you find out you’re ineffective, you just call in all your chits and campaign for the next best thing? How effective do you honestly think you are going to be in Washington D.C. for less than a year? How selfish of you to take advantage of the pillaged southern part of the state by traipsing up there to D.C. and then dropping everything to come back here to run for the Governor’s office? If you win, (WHICH I DOUBT) do you honestly think anyone in this state, or in D.C. will take you seriously? Just what exactly happened when you were supposed to turn healthcare around in Louisiana? And every other transient government position you’ve held in the past several years? What exactly are your accomplishments?

Do the state a favor and move to Mississippi, leave us alone, leave us to someone that really cares about our future and can make a difference besides paying us lip service – Louisianians are smarter than that despite the prevailing “perception”.


~ by maringouin on Thursday, November 9, 2006.

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