Why NOT to vote for Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal is up for re-election in the first US congressional district in Louisiana. He is running against 3 unknowns, 2 Democrats and a Libertarian. From prior comments, Jindal is worried about his congressional seat, and has poured over $2 million dollars into this campaign – what a colossal waste of money. I do not think he deserves this election for 3 reasons.

First off, he is a Baton Rouge native. Former Governor Mike Foster’s golden boy, a darling of the GOP. Someone has yet to explain publicly how in the heck Jindal all of a sudden was running for 1st district congressional seat. Mind you this district reaches all the way up into Tangipahoa parish, across to Hammond and close to East Baton Rouge Parish. However when he was initially campaigning for this seat he wound up being a resident of KENNER, LA.??? When did Jindal move to KENNER??? Isn’t there a residency requirement that someone running for U.S. office must live in the district for a certain period of time, like a few YEARS??? Even so, what in the heck would he know about the Metropolitan New Orleans area’s needs if he hasn’t been living here for any length of time? New Orleans and Baton Rouge are poles apart, how could he think he is capable of prioritizing what New Orleans and the region’s deficiencies are? I swear he was in Baton Rouge one day, and the next he was running for office out of a New Orleans suburb. I do believe the media dropped the ball on this story, or maybe the stranglehold of the GOP was choking them.

Second, Jindal was MIA immediately post Katrina. I remember hearing on the radio and seeing on TV the US senators, and the local politicians down in the trenches, however I distinctly remember it was well over a week AFTER Katrina hit that I heard Jindal’s voice anywhere in public, and it was on TV. His first comments? “I’ve been riding around the New Orleans area with my personal video camera, taking pictures of all the devastation.” Are you kidding me? Why in the heck aren’t you at the shelters, with the armed forces and first responders, reaching out to your constituents? This is just as bad as Dollar Bill diverting the Nat’l Guard to his home uptown for over an hour so he could retrieve personal items from his residence.

Third, Jindal is STRONGLY rumored to want to participate in another run for the Louisiana Governor’s office. And when is that election? NEXT YEAR!!! Tell me, how effective would that be, having him in Washington for only a year? Lame duck, ineffective, bad politicking. Get someone else in there now who can begin building networks and help move along the recovery. We don’t need a wanna be in D.C. we need someone committed to this recovery who will stay the course, and a selfish act such as running for Governor next year just goes to prove the lack of commitment on Jindal’s part to southeast Louisiana.

But in my humble opinion, if he ever decides to run again, Jindal will NEVER win the Louisiana’s Governor’s election, no matter how golden of a GOP child he is…….

Please vote this Tuesday for anybody but Jindal, but even more important than that…



~ by maringouin on Sunday, November 5, 2006.

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