Sacrificial coast

Army Corps of Engineers proposes easing Gulf wetlands rule

I wonder if the ACoE can possibly think up any more ways to fuck us over

I already know the answer to that question – its a resounding yes

Just take a look at how the ACoE butchered the landscape along Lake Pontchartrain, hacking trees well over 100 feet away from the base of the levees from The ACoE claims that the trees’ root systems embed and weaken the levee walls – now tell me does anyone see any levees in close proximity to any of the tree stumps seen in this photo?


The saddest thing of all – the ACoE is all military baaaaaaa-by, therefore virtually untouchable by private entities and hence unstoppable – we are so fucked, all of us along the mosquito coast šŸ˜¦

Oh my gawd – just found this – adding insult to injury, a shrine to incompetence, $45 million dollars worth yay!!!


~ by maringouin on Thursday, October 19, 2006.

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