asking price for a shotgun double on Poland Avenue

For those of you who don’t know where this is, it is about a block and a half from the entrance to the naval station on the last block before the Industrial Canal in the upper 9th ward. I have no idea if the place flooded, but it looked OK and I saw a multiple pierced and tattooed person walking out one of the doors as I passed so apparantly it was habitable

When I called, the justification for the price was “Well a house just down the street sold for $325,000 last week”

I cannot fathom why the huge jump in price in property in this town. Are the real estate agents and appraisers smoking crack? Its not like people are beating down the door to move to New Orleans. It sure ain’t Boston or New York with tons of jobs and opportunities. Someone would have to be independently wealthy to afford to live here and not have to find a good job, cause there sure isn’t any industry hiring in this city at the wage one would need to afford the post-K housing stock. And where the hell are folks going to get insurance if they can afford the prices? I saw about 10 properties for sale on Poland between Claiborne and the river. If they’re selling high because of the pending cruise ship terminal down there, well what do they think folks driving through that ‘hood are gonna do there? Its a dead end in that part of town with not much happening, plus people just want to get on and off the boat, they’re not gonna bother with hanging in the 9th ward.

People can be so myopic.


~ by maringouin on Monday, October 16, 2006.

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