The Wild West pt. 2

Student beats McDonogh security guard

Now will someone tell me what hole this 18 year old crawled out of? I wonder if his mother taught him how to do this? Maybe she smacked him upside his head as a child, as one so often sees mothers doing to their small children in public. Did he kill small animals? Beat up on a sibling? You know, its one thing to pop a cap in someone’s ass from a distance, but to get up in their face, pummel them with one’s own hands, smell the blood and feel the body crumple, well yessiree that there is some sick shit to do to another human being.

Man points gun at NOPD policeman

getting brazen, eh?

Another man killed in Center City

need I type more

and maybe an answer to a few prayers

Off the bench, Judge Elloie, at least for the time being…


~ by maringouin on Thursday, October 12, 2006.

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