scared of my own shadow

I think the media is playing on the fears of the law-abiding citizens by writing and reporting and sensationalizing the crime taking place in New Orleans. Makes one nervous to walk around the city. Coupled with the fact that the town is practically deserted, the “ghosts” are wrecking havoc. The recent spate of barroom robberies is one example of the media crime frenzy, making everyone jumpy. And with the “I don’t give a shit” attitude coming from the NOPD, its the wild west revisited, New Orleans style. Plus the inability of hizonner to champion all things good and righteous in this town sets such a bad example.

C and I went down to Dutch Alley last night to hear John Boutte and another band play, and we parked on the residential (east) side of the Quarter. It was deserted. Didn’t help that we had just come from the lower 9th looking at properties in Holy Cross, and seeing all the destruction there. The only thing one saw in the streets of the east Quarter was a couple of packs of young men here and there. It is so hard to bestow the benefit of the doubt and walk by with the head held high, cause the next thing one knows, the barrel of cold steel could be sitting next to the skin, which can immediately turn hot and piercing and then out go the lights. How does one get over this dread? Let it go enough to enjoy oneself? C was so pissed at me, yelling at me to calm the fuck down, let go and just RELAX. Telling me not to envision the worst case scenario, and just chill out. Is that even possible anymore in a post-apocalyptic Katrinaworld. Coupled with the uncertainty of what this city will look like in 5 years, how can one maintain a life in limbo? I must recapture my sanity if I am to stay here, otherwise it will bode badly. I can see why folks are leaving in droves, why put the effort out when you get nothing but a constant state of being pent up in return…


~ by maringouin on Friday, October 6, 2006.

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