holding out

for mo’ money

What is the old proverb? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

I didn’t realize that the Jefferson Parish School Board members also had dual competencies in real estate appraisal. For a piece of land, 20 acres worth 2.5 million dollars the average of 3 independent appraisers, how can the School Board magically come up with the number that this parcel is worth 6-7 million? I wonder if the school board reads the paper or watches the news? WWL-TV last night broadcast the fact that there is a huge glut of houses and lots for sale and no one can afford them or afford the insurance. Plus does anyone actually see any high rolling developers beating down New Orleans’ doors to sweep up all the vacant lands and build glistening new behemoths that will infuse tons of money to this region?

And how myopic is the Jefferson Parish Teachers Union? Do they actually think they own the land and can be making demands that the JP school board not sell it? It is such a shame that the union is entrenched in a profession such as teaching, cause they sure do seem to hold back progressive thought which the Louisiana school system sorely needs. Too bad the unions aren’t better organized in other areas such as healthcare which could benefit working adults and their patients, instead of a profession such as teaching that impacts children, their ability to learn and their future, sometimes detrimentally.

Let it go, its a sure thing, sell the land…


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, October 4, 2006.

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