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and give us all your money to build your new home

C and I went to the convention center Hall J this past Saturday for the rebuild New Orleans seminar or whatever it was called – the seminar in which homeowners could find resources to rebuild their destroyed post-K homes. What did we find instead was nothing but a trade show for homebuilders. The accoutrements were all very pretty, the spanish roofing tiles one could get in any shade of glaze shiny or unshiny, beautiful cut glass doors, steel framing everywhere, and modular homes starting at $100 a sf. Contractors, demolishers and everyone in between was there to help you build your dream home.

Well I guess someone forgot to tell all these shiny happy salesmen that there was a massive disaster in one of THE poorest cities in the country, and even then those that have gotten insurance monies and those that are still waiting on LRA monies would never have the financial capacity to even dream of buying anything in that hall. Sure there was one aisle that had all the neighborhood associations, but the rest was overkill. Where were the speakers that were supposed to hold instructional seminars to help folks trying to save a few pennies to rebuild some of the damages themselves? If there were instructional sessions, it sure wasn’t advertised.

And what is it with the New Orleans Arts Council? Aren’t they supposed to support fledgling artists to help them by sharing resources about outlets to create and display art? Or is this just some who ya know and lets see how little we can do kinda operation? Whoever was manning that booth was more concerned about discussing kittens and children than art…

I will say this, there was one tiny booth tucked in the corner of aisle 100 serving cold beer and glasses of wine – FOR FREE. It was welcome to sip on a longneck and try to keep from laughing at the outrageously priced merchandise being hawked…


~ by maringouin on Monday, October 2, 2006.

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