The Hoover Dam

Yes, you ask, why write about something happening in the desert over 1,800 miles away?

Well a friend of mine that lives there told me about the 4 – 300 ft. towers that collapsed around a new road being built around the dam so the feds can close the road across the top of the dam

This new road is a result of the fear induced federal government taking “precautions” to avoid a terrorist attack on the Dam – well these so called precautions just ruined another great American icon
Does anyone know of any other national sites that the Feds can fuck up all in the holy name of terrorism? Plug up Old Faithful? Cover Mt. Rushmore in a shroud? Bury Mammoth Caves? The Statue of Liberty is already gone, no one can climb the stairs to her crown anymore. When one reads idiocy of this kind, it just reaffirms that the terrorists have truly won and are holding this country hostage

so very sad…


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, September 19, 2006.

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