don’t contact me by e-mail between the hours of 9pm and 7am

found this buried somewhere in

“Last week, the chief spokesperson for NOPD admonished a reporter for waking her up ‘after normal business hours’ — with an email. While reporting on recent violent crimes in Bywater and Faubourg Marigny last Wednesday night, freelance journalist Allen Johnson Jr. received a call about a rumored barroom hold-up in Bywater shortly before 11 p.m. Johnson emailed Gambit Weekly editor Clancy DuBos at home around midnight to report the tip, and DuBos emailed Johnson shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday asking Johnson to confirm the report ASAP. Johnson then emailed Bambi Hall, director of public relations for NOPD, seeking confirmation of the reported hold-up. Hall responded by email at 8:37 a.m. Thursday with the following message: “While I don’t mind fielding inquiries during normal business hours, your after-hours emails are quite intrusive while I am sleeping. If you could be mindful of that in the future, it would be greatly appreciated if you sent your requests between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.” DuBos said Gambit Weekly will try to encourage local drug dealers, burglars, thieves, murderers, rapists and armed robbers to confine their activities to “normal business hours” so that Ms. Hall is not disturbed by intrusive emails from reporters trying to do their jobs while she sleeps”

oh Bambi Bambi Bambi

The phone is one thing, but no contact by e-mail between 9pm and 7am?

Are you fucking kidding?
Is your e-mail account hard wired to your Blackberry? Is it dialed into your land line? Does your e-mail ring and wake you, disturbing you of your precious sleep for 10 hours?

You are the PR contact person for the New Orleans Police Department, one of the busiest PD’s in the country – with a homicide rate steadily climbing this year and a rash of lawlessness in the streets by gangs terrorizing local denizens – tell me now, does your job description say you cannot be contacted at night? Perhaps you should quit the NOPD and find work in some po-dunk sheriffs department in a township of less than 100 people if you truly do not want to be DISS-TURBED in the middle of the night…


you better can that shitty attitude missy, you are a public servant working for the NOPD whose job it is TO PROTECT AND SERVE


~ by maringouin on Tuesday, September 19, 2006.

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  1. I’ll be one to stand up for Bambi, since I’ve worked with her in the past. She does not have a shitty attitude.

    Just trying to be fair.

  2. I am happy that you had a pleasant experience with her, guessing it was from contact you had with her while she was at Xavier?

    Does not excuse the current inaccessibility, the opposite of which is required of her current high profile job at the NOPD

    If you can’t handle the proverbial heat, get out of the kitchen

  3. Yes, at Xavier Bambi and I had weekly meetings collaborating on the Athletics webpage. The website wasn’t in her job description, but she devoted time each week to make sure it was accurate and promoted the goals of the program.

    That comment does not sound like her, the key is in the context right? It’s pretty easy to judge from behind the screen.

    Of course what do I know, I couldn’t take the heat, I’m out of the kitchen. I wouldn’t be in New Orleans with my family right now for anything. I certainly would not want to work for the NOPD and deal with all that.

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