also known as Post-Katrina Stress Disorder

and thus follows some random psycho-babble

obviously the last few posts of mine were a result of this

Its a wonder more of us here in the muck haven’t pulled a Marinello. Since all the mental health professionals have split town, gee thanks so fucking much, we’ll all just have to heal on our own recognizance, scratching and clawing our way into a somewhat normal state of existance

If there are any willing MD’s out there that wouldn’t mind writing a Rx for 2 mg Valium, in the large economical size, I’d be forever grateful

I wonder if this PKSD follows the typical stages of grief – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance – but we should alter the last stage, for those that are mired in the morass – NEVER accept, until our city is whole again

tell me about yours, how do you cope, what do you do that makes you somewhat whole?


~ by maringouin on Saturday, September 9, 2006.

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