Below the water line

Went to Paul Soniat’s CD release party this evening at Parkway Bakery and Tavern. Paul played songs from his new CD “Below the Water Line” and the place was packed. Free red beans and rice, and bread pudding with rum sauce, will draw the crowd every time, not to mention the kitchen stayed open and they were still cranking out the po-boys till well after 8pm.

The crowd struck me odd tonight though. I guess one could not expect any less since the Times Picayune broadcast the event in bold as one of the hot picks of the weekend. It was definitely an older crowd, C called it the quilting bee coalition. The oddness was, they all were very well heeled, and aloof. There were no bohemians in the crowd; save for a couple of long male ponytails I happened to glimpse, these folks were dripping in dough. I dunno, maybe I thought there might be an earthier crowd there tonight, but there were hardly none around. Had to keep my feet moving, dodging the stilettos and wedges in my flip flops so’s not to get speared or crushed as I struggled to get through to the ladies room and the bar. After we left, C reminded me that this was the first time we’d been out since I got back to New Orleans. I paused to think about this and yes it was true, guess it had been so hot in August, we were just hunkered indoors waiting for the heat to pass. At least one could breathe outside tonight.

If you’re ever in Mid-City, stop into the Parkway on Hagen street and get you a roast beef po-boy, dressed. One of those old timey roast beef po-boys deep with gravy and mayo and reeking of garlic. They also make a french fry po-boy, where can someone get one of those in New Orleans these days? You can at the Parkway Bakery…


~ by maringouin on Saturday, September 2, 2006.

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