August 30

thank freaking gawd

the anniversary is over, K-Day has passed and its time to move on – a milestone has been met and passed

Thanks to the local cable company, Spike Lee’s documentary was shown for free last night on the local access channel. My dad and I watched it together, and despite the differing reviews, it was very well done. I was avoiding most all of the Katrina memorializations, cause its too painful to relive it, as I am sure outsiders are sick of hearing about it, but I felt compelled to watch this. I think Lee captured the essence of New Orleans and although alot of what happened during and after Katrina was skipped over, and some of it was just over the top, it was pretty reflective of the city…..

The thing I am glad Spike Lee put to film is all the dead bodies floating and lying in the streets – I’ve not seen that much footage of the dead from Katrina yet. He was spot on showing them all cause that should NOT have happened here, in the United States of America.
I remember coming back 10 days later, and until November when the winds of fall and winter cleansed the city, all one could smell, in every nook and cranny of town, while sitting on the porch in the evening trying to catch a breeze, was the indescribable stench of death. I still have olfactory flashbacks to that putrid fetid foulness. Something I hope never repeats itself, ever…..


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, August 30, 2006.

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