Can someone please give C. Ray Nagin a muzzle? He is embarassing New Orleans.

On the front of the Times Picayune this morning, is an interview with former NOPD police chief Eddie Compass. He finally spills the beans and tells that he was “forced out” of his job by Nagin, one month after the storm…

Wanna know why? Cause some of the things Compass said post-Katrina obviously tweaked the nose of hizzoner Nagin, and because he felt slighted he forced Compass out.

Now you tell me, is that any way for a Mayor to act? Just because someone crossed him, or he perceives a slight, then he proceeds to off their head? One month post Katrina everyone was still whacked out, consumed by the overwhelming tragedy of mother nature – why the fuck didn’t Nagin bestow the benefit of the doubt and support his administrative team?

No, that Nagin, that motherfucker, went all selfish and self absorbed and narcissistic and gave Compass the boot. Oh heaven fucking forbid someone cross the loose cannon, the maverick, out the door they go. He cannot handle criticism – was he that dumb to think he would not be under the microscope as the highest office holder of a once-major metropolitan city? Does anyone honestly believe that is appropriate? That its OK for that stupid motherfucker to act that way? He should be reaching out, building coalitions, going to Baton Rouge and DC every week, instead of traveling hither and yon on the fucking speech circuit.

New Orleans doesn’t need some self absorbed narcissistic fuckhead in power, with his hand out waiting for the calvary and demolition teams and construction workers to arrive, courtesy of the state and feds, to save the city. But alas we are stuck with that motherfucker for 4 years. If anything, his finger in the pie will not bode well for this city, this region……

Compass may have been rattling off too much after the storm, definitely not conduct becoming of someone in his position, but Nagin was talking shit post-K too. I guess Compass was following the lead, but look where it got him.

Plus it came out in today’s article, Nagin’s press secretary Sally Forman sent Compass to NYC for the Saints-Giants game in September 2005, and Nagin had not given his blessing, plus when Compass got there he was mobbed by the press. So it was a comedy of errors, Compass was booted and now we are stuck with an incompetent police chief who also likes to point fingers like his boss C. Ray.

I am not unhappy about the city, I am encouraged – coming back after 3 months away and seeing things for the better, less debris, more lights on in the homes at night, gave me hope- however I cannot stand Nagin, and I really do not think his actions are helping New Orleans at all. He is a stupid motherfucker, and I simply cannot understand the reason why anyone would want to elect him back in office. New Orleans needs a plan, and so far its the individual citizens that are jump starting the comeback, spending their own insurance settlements and money out of their own pocket. But that is not enough. New Orleans needs a vision, a leader, someone to pull it all together and help everyone march on, but that leader sure in the hell is NOT Nagin.

People don’t want to hear his crap, and it is and will turn off those that have a say in helping out the recovery of New Orleans. You think it bodes well for him to be on the lecture circuit, and continue to be so very ethnocentric? Last I checked, New Orleans is a MULTI-CULTURAL city, and has many more types of people living here other than African Americans. He has miserably failed in crossing those barriers, and bridging those gaps between ALL the citizens of the city.

Telling everyone that “they” aren’t doing enough, and “they” aren’t making the city come back quicker just pisses people off. You can see it from the replies in newsprint, online, and from people around the country that want to know why in the fuck he was put back into office. We went down to Orlando last week, and all of the neighbors and folks we talked to want to know what is Nagin’s problem? Its the “perception” to quote Garland Robinette, the perception that Nagin is a loose cannon. He has knocked down the credibility of New Orleans, and he is a major reason why people don’t give a fuck about what happens here. Just wait for the fallout after the 60 Minutes segment 1 year post-Katrina airs this coming Sunday August 27, with Nagin mouthing off about NYC still having a hole in the ground 5 years after 9/11. All because he couldn’t handle the critique of his performance from the 60 Minutes interviewer…

Be a man, skip the shuck and jive, show some humility, grow a set and fucking take charge C. Ray!!!!!!

~ by maringouin on Friday, August 25, 2006.

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