getting close

the one year anniversary of Katrina

I hope that it passes quickly and quietly

the bombardment of constant images and rehashing of the catastrophe cannot be healthy for those that lived through it

I run through over and over the evacuation, the way the first feeder bands nipped at our heels as we drove west, the black wall of clouds visible in the rear-view mirror as we tried to get away from it – then later that night and the next morning, the 29th, the arrival of the winds. Although they were slight, they still were constant, a stiff 40-50 mph breeze that whistled through the house someone opened up for us to stay……

I cannot imagine how the folks that had to get plucked off their roofs felt, sweltering in the heat, not knowing what was to become of them

And the deaths, the elderly, the frail, the ones that stubbornly refused to leave their pets behind, the ones that refused to believe that their home, their city, their New Orleans, would be inundated with putrid, fetid water resulting from human error. Who mourns for them?

I do…..

~ by maringouin on Thursday, August 24, 2006.

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