Despite the efforts of the idiot local, state and federal entities to bog down the recovery of southeast Louisiana, I am very encouraged to return and see all the commerce and life erupting around the area. There are more lights on in the homes of New Orleans neighborhoods at night, more establishments are opening back up, and there is much less debris strewn everywhere. I guess one has to leave for a spell to notice the progress, cause everyone I’ve spoken to since returning cannot see tangible signs of recovery.

Its just going to take the efforts of the individual to establish this rebirth. All the political entities and coporate road blocks (the insurance industry comes to mind) cannot stop the individual who loves this area from returning to the homes and neighborhoods and culture they love. Cause one cannot simply “move” all this to another part of the country.

Perhaps it has something to do with being below sea level, and therefore constantly needing to look upwards. Lends to promoting the same kind of outlook I guess – upward and onward with the fight to save our souls.


~ by maringouin on Wednesday, August 9, 2006.

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