go into the light

Why do people think that they can live forever? That the practice of medicine equates to the ability to work miracles?

I cannot understand how people feel that those who take care of ones who are nearing death should sacrifice all, sacrifice themselves and possibly their own lives at all costs for their loved ones, their patients? Sometimes you just have to toss in the towel cause people don’t live forever…

The Memorial Medical Center debacle illuminates how horrible conditions can become in a health care crisis mired in an unfathomable situation. And for the legal profession to stick their noses in and punish those that sacrifice themselves for the good of others is blasphemous.

Maybe if more people contemplating entry into the practice of law would turn their idealogy around and apply that to joining the medical profession instead, and joining the quest for better human health and quality of life, there would be alot less litigation and alot less human suffering…

~ by maringouin on Wednesday, July 26, 2006.

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